Sam Barrett & Amos Childs

Heavyweight Champion: Young Echo works

48p Book

Risograph Print

Mechanical Reproductions stay true to their original mission statement of being 'an outlet for editions of vinyl and print' and, for their third release, serve up a 48 page archive of some of the posters created by Young Echo's Amos Childs & Sam Barrett for the long running nights the collective have been running since 2010.

'Heavyweight Champion is the result of six years' collaborative collage works for Bristol's Young Echo collective.

The collective's 12 members have been running club nights, radio shows and releasing music since 2010. Two of them, Amos Childs & Sam Barrett (who also make music together as O$VMV$M), have been responsible for creating the posters to promote the club nights since the start.

These posters are a regular fixture in the visual landscape of the city, on walls, bins, bus stops and pretty much any other available surface in the lead up to each event. Their informal visual language immediately sets them apart from the other flyers vying for attention. They're intriguing: through not having the artist names featured as prominently as possible they encourage the viewer to take a deeper look. There's dense layers of images and cut-and-pasted phrases to be deciphered - ultimately a far more engaging experience than being shouted at by a generic and large-fonted neon specimen.

Thanks to the local council (and keen fans who would rather see them on their walls at home), more often than not these works are gone soon after they're tacked up, meaning the only archive of them is as low resolution images on various social media channels. 'Heavyweight Champion', then, aims to provide a lasting document of this unique and vital part of Bristol's musical culture...'

48 pages
Full Colour
300gsm cover
100gsm evolution uncoated inner pages

First edition of 100 copies

Limited edition of 50 with A3, 4 colour Risograph print, printed at 16 Tonne press in Bristol.

Artwork by A. Childs & S. Barrett
Layout - Studio Tape Echo
Published by Mechanical Reproductions 2020


Bad Tracking

A: XP-3
B1: XP-1
B2. XP-1 (Ossia Rmx)



Mechanical Reproductions give vinyl life to Bad Tracking - one of Bristol's best kept underground secrets - with two cranky industro-dub girders backed by a serious remixing from Ossia.

Thunking out somewhere between Giant Swan, Kowton and Mick Harris' Fret, Bad Traking are set to gain the baddest rep with both efforts, first vacillating bone crunching drums and stress-test bassline with lush pads in the livewire lurch of XP+1, then trampling the line between on-the-fly performance and brute studio force in the grubby techno tilt of XP+3.

Ossia's remix of XP+2 is our pick of the bunch. From introductory bell tolls, he builds a mongrel beat from snatches of grime, industrial techno and dank Bristol dub styles, riveting the sound into a blindspot between late '90s Virus, TG and The Bug.

- Boomkat

W&P by M. Pearce & G. Apps
Additional production/remix on B2. by D. Davies
B1. & B2. Mixed at BTSC
Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta
C&P Mechanical Reproductions 2017


Via Maris

A: Credentials
B: Glimpse



Mechanical Reproductions thrown their hat in the ring with a brooding debut of half-stepping Bristol techno by new producer, Via Maris. Lovers of Livity Sound or Timedance rollers need a piece of this one...

A-side; Credentials tramples a spare, clipped rhythm until it steps on a hornets nest of mentasms which fan out on a search and destroy mission, divebombing like kamikaze or in swarming clusters around the nerve-bitten groove.

B-side; Glimpse gets off with whinier sci-fi synth tones and spooked electronics fixed to a rickety wooden knock at the darker end of Bristol bass traditions.

- Boomkat

W&P By B. Burke
Mixed at BTSC
Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta
C&P Mechanical Reproductions 2016